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What's Your "Procrastination Style" Quiz

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

I prefer to call myself a multi-tasker who has so many projects going there's never enough time to finish any . . . rather than a procrastinator

  • I prefer to call myself a planner who takes planning so seriously that there is never enough time to finish the planning stage . . . rather than a procrastinator.

  • I prefer to call myself a creative type who is more invested in the process than the product . . . rather than a procrastinator.

I took this quiz to make sure I was right in my self assessment. (JW)

Your Procrastination Style Quiz

from: It's About Time: The 6 Styles of Procrastination and How to Overcome Them by Dr. Linda Sapadin


If "MUCH OF THE TIME" is MOSTLY correct for you with each question just circle the question number. Otherwise, go on to the next question

1. Do you have difficulty completing a project because your own high

standards have not been met?

2. Do you get preoccupied with details, rules or schedules that others don’t

seem to care much about?

3. Do you think a lot about things you want to accomplish, but rarely get them

off the ground or finished?

4. Do you wait for opportunities to drop into your lap rather than take an

active, “go-get-‘em” approach?

5. Do you paralyze yourself before starting a project, worrying so much about

the “what ifs” that you are too anxious or out of time to do the task?

6. Do you hesitate to leave your comfort zone, avoiding situations that might

cause stress or anxiety?

7. Do you become sulky, irritable or argumentative when asked to do a task

that you don’t want to do?

8. Do you take offense or are annoyed at suggestions from others regarding

how you could be more productive?

9. Do you ignore or put off deadlines, then at the last-minute work frantically

to get things done?

10. Do you enjoy, or take pride in, taking risks or living on the edge?

11. Do you have difficulty saying “no” to other’s requests and then feel

resentful or overwhelmed when it’s time to do them?

12. Do you run around doing things, without really feeling that you’re

accomplishing very much?

Your Procrastination Style Answers

If you’ve answered “Yes, that’s frequently me” to any of these questions, you probably know you’ve got a procrastination problem (You probably knew it before you took the test)

Now take a look at your “Procrastination Style(s)

If you:

  • Answered Yes to Questions 1 & 2 You are a Perfectionist Procrastinator

  • Answered Yes to Questions 3 & 4 You are a Dreamer Procrastinator

  • Answered Yes to Questions 5 & 6 You are a Worrier Procrastinator

  • Answered Yes to Questions 7 & 8 You are a Defier Procrastinator

  • Answered Yes to Questions 9 & 10 You are an Crisis-Maker Procrastinator

  • Answered Yes to Questions 11 & 12 You are an Over doer Procrastinator

Here’s a summary of what fuels your procrastination style:

  • Perfectionists procrastinate because they want everything to be perfect (that seems obvious!)

  • Dreamers procrastinate because they hate dealing with all those pesky bothersome details and enjoy the “what if”.

  • Worriers procrastinate because they are afraid of change and worry about “what if”.

  • Defiers procrastinate because their difficulty with authority makes them resent and resist doing tasks.

  • Crisis-Makers procrastinate because they love living on the edge, only get motivated at the last minute to enjoy the adrenaline that comes with crisis.

  • Over doers procrastinate because they have too much on their plate, don’t prioritize well and have difficulty getting it all done

Now I'm completely confused. I answered yes to half of each in perfecting, dreamer, over-doers. Luckily, I'm not a worrier or defier cuz I always defy myself to worry.


What did you learn ABOUT YOUR STYLE?

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