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Scroll and click on underlined links to get your free PDF's of:

  • Super Simple Self-Hypnosis

  • Mood  chart and mood tracker

  • The Incredibly Creative Stress Kit

  • Infographic "Falling Water Lifts Your Mood

  • Maui's Coloring Book

  • Red Riding Hood & the Wolf Coloring Book

  • Critters Coloring Pages

  • Heart to Heart With Love Audio recording

  • Infographic "Tame Anxiety"

  • Infographic "Emotional Memories"

  • Infographic "Writing to SAtay Calm"


Stress Reduction FREE PDF's

Click here for your PDF:

Super Simple Self Hypnosis  

The entire workshop and workbook

given by Judy, low these many moons ago.

And now it's free!

Click here for your PDF:

The Incredibly Creative Stress Kit 




How to MIND Your MOOD 

Falling water lifts your mood 

Click here for your Infogram:

Falling water lifts your mood 

based on neuroscience!

Mood Chart & Tracker

Follow your mood for awareness.

Change your mood to feel good.

Click here: 

Mood Chart

How to use the tracker, click here:

 Owls, Larks & then there's Me


Write your own captions or stories!

with your children, grandchildren

and the child inside you.



Click here for:

Maui's Coloring Book

Images from the book by Peggy

The Pulling, Climbing, Falling Down Tale of Maui and His Back Legs


Click here for: 


Red Riding Hood & the Wolf Coloring Book 

Images from the book by Judy

The Real Tale of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

 Drawings of Meowie & Woofer 

Click here for: 

Curious Critters Coloring Book 

 MP3 Recording coming soon

Hypnotic Healing Recording By Judy

To listen, click here: 

Heart to Heart With Love

Click here for:

Tame Anxiety Infographic

Click here for:

Emotional Memory PDF

C;lick here for:

Writing to Stay Calm PDF

Click here  for:

Sluggish Depression

Stay tuned. More free stuff is coming . . . (it's one way we amuse ourselves)

We always value your feedback and want to know how our stuff has benefited (or even amused!) you.

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