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P and/or J - whoever has time and energy
Clean up site landing page:  
Organize STORE/SHOP pages
Research other Shop sites
Add separate pages for each freebie categories:  Meditation/Breathing/JorunalingB
Paste Freebies from MIND & CURIOUS into WIX and
delete from blogs WHY DELETE??
T-shirts - pick sayings, do image, put on Zazzle
Check out WIX Hopp/biolink-
Can we use topic TAGS for PJTnews?
PEGGY's To Do's

Linkedin Newsletter?- how to put PJTnews link in

Send February PJTnews

look at march and April PJT

send Judy passion freebe from desktop

send J super simple journal Sp?? from desktop

make sure all Infografics are on free bee page there are 7-did 2 so far

What is NEWSLEttER BOX on landing page linking to?

Blog roll at bottom of landing page - update or delete????

JUDY's To Do's

Finish editing March PJTnews

Start April PJTnews

Research how to convert Hypnosis recordings to MP3 downloads

complete any of the following free-bees that are not ready:--from page on Curious

below I think are not fully ready:

Transforming Trauma may be recording as well as PDF, Peggy has some trauma protocols of Judy's on paper

Heart to Heart recording

Finding Purpose recording

Visual Journaling tutorial (see Curious pages)

Wonderful Wacky Weight Loss (there is a draft in M pages and Peggy has a doc on desktop)  sent

Passion Booklet PDF on Peggy desktop I sent

Tutorial-Chronic Illness

Tutorial -Purposely Positive  plus 4 more tutorials see Mind pages

Tutorial-painting pages in journal--in Curious pages

make a sketchbook from paper bags in Curious pages--if good I can add the front and back pages and make PDF

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